D'Agati Vucciria D'Agati Vucciria D'Agati Vucciria D'Agati Vucciria D'Agati Vucciria

Mauro D’Agati

D'Agati Vucciria

89Books, Palermo — 2019
SFr. 50.00
Pages: 176
Edition: First edition, 500 copies
Dimensions: 30 x 22 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-88-944092-0-8

La Vucciria is one of Palermo’s oldest market districts, founded 900 years ago by the Arabs who formerly ruled Sicily.
 Many people still live in ramshackle buildings showing the effects of World War II bombings, as well as from the disastrous earthquake in 2002 that wrecked havoc on the area. Vucciria today is considered a run-down area in which the fruit vendors, hawkers, fishmongers and butchers have mostly disappeared. The few that remain live mostly in the past, yearning for bygone days when Vucciria was bustling with activity, an important center for marketing and socializing. While Vucciria may have seen better days, it has recently taken on a new life. Today it comes alive in the evening as young people gather to meet friends, sample street food or a new cafe’s offerings, a simple glass of wine in the cool night air. Vucciria waits optimistically for what lies ahead.

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