Yet Magazine - Issue #12 Yet Magazine - Issue #12 Yet Magazine - Issue #12 Yet Magazine - Issue #12 Yet Magazine - Issue #12 Yet Magazine - Issue #12


Yet Magazine - Issue #12

YET magazine, Lugano — 2021
SFr. 25.00
Pages: 304
Edition: Issue #12
Dimensions: 22.5 x 30 cm
Language: English

The twelfth issue of YET Magazine devotes itself to the passionate world of Photography Publishing. Serving as a multi-faceted guide, its editorial structure ventures through the lifecycle of a publication; from an idea’s first spark to its final distribution. Simultaneously YET presents the work and voices of this global community; artists, editors, curators, designers, collectors, publishers and printers explore urgent issues related to sustainability, securing funds, the current market, digital tensions and much more. Presented alongside twelve beautifully composed artist portfolios, YET issue 12: What We Have Learnt About Publishing is a decisive publication for the novice and expert alike.

In this issue we present the work of:
Batia Suter, Peter Puklus, Paolo Cirio, Maya Rochat, Ruth Van Beek, Katja Stuke, Masashi Mihotani, Eline Benjaminsen, Valeria Cherchi, Alina Frieske, Erik van der Weijde, Laia Abril, Charles Negre, Flurina Rothenberger / NICE Magazine and Małgorzata Stankiewicz.

With contributions by:
Patricia Karallis of Paper Journal, Lucy Pike of WePresent, Elisa Medde and Hamid Sallali of FOAM Magazine, Emma Bowkett of FT Weekend, Hans Gremmen of Fw:Books, Anne-Laura Franchette of Volumes, Katrina Sluis, Donald Weber, Francesca Serravalle, Elena Vaninetti, Amelie Rose Schüle & Daria Tuminas, Salvatore Vitale, Nicolas Polli, Ufuk Şahin of Mas Printing House, Yumi Goto of Reminders Photography Stronghold, Giulia Zorzi of Micamera, David Solo, Aaron Morel of Mörel Books, Brad Feuerhelm of American Suburb X and Tommaso Parrillo of Witty Books.

Artist introductions & interviews by Mearg Negusse, Duncan Wooldridge, Delphine Bedel, Darren Campion, Ann-Christin Bertrand, Joanna Cresswell, Paola Paleari, Aaron Schuman, Federica Chiocchetti, George King, Magali Avezou, Helen Korpak, Nicola Nunziata, Valentina Abenavoli and Taco Hidde Bakker. 

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