Alex Katz - Prints Alex Katz - Prints Alex Katz - Prints


Alex Katz - Prints

Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern — 2010
SFr. 38.00
Pages: 240
Edition: First edition
Dimensions: 30.6 x 24.7 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 9783775725859

Before the rise of Minimalism and Pop Art, Alex Katz (* 1927 in New York ) took the visual ideas of Abstract Expressionism and struck out on his own path toward a kind of object-oriented painting. He produced iconic, coolly effective images of life in America ’s wealthy leisure class, as well as of remote natural idylls. In a further step, he reproduced, reflected, and reduced his motifs in his prints, which retained the planes of deep, radiant color that characterize Katz’s paintings. The two-dimensional, artificial reflection of the subject, and the interplay with different levels of reality, constantly bring the viewer back to the picture on the wall and to the process of vision itself. This publication provides insight into the development of the artist’s prints from the early fifties to the present day.

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