Alighiero E Boetti Alighiero E Boetti

Andrea Marescalchi, Rolf Lauter

Alighiero E Boetti

Charta, Milano — 2004
SFr. 35.00
Pages: 96
Edition: first edition
Dimensions: 27.5 x 21.5 cm
Language: English, Italian
ISBN: 9788881584765

“The conditions for a life of passion were there, but I had to destroy them in order to salvage them.” Alighiero Boetti, 1969

Through previously unpublished works, this book offers a sophisticated portrait of a man who first and foremost was a philosopher of depth, subtlety and irony. Alighiero e Boetti invented and reinvented the world via the freest of artistic intervention, ever subverting its conventions. Included are his graphite reproductions of magazine covers from 1986, his postal works and his always astonishing maps.

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