Atlas Atlas Atlas Atlas

Clio Casadei


Boîte Editions, Lissone — 2016
SFr. 130.00
Pages: 275
Edition: unique copies
Dimensions: 21 x 15 cm
Language: English, Italian

Atlas is a collection of texts and visual materials that synthesizes the research that Clio Casadei has developed over the past decade.

Produced in a unique copy, or in limited editions made as result of specific collaborations, Atlas is a book that changes over time: each copy represents, at the time of the printing phase, the updated status of the artist's work.

Atlas is an exercise of composition that draws inspiration from game-books. It is a survey tool with a hybrid form; a crucible of rhetorical registers, monologues and more or less fictional dialogues. It is like a building, whose structure reflects the elaboration of narrative strategies that overwhelm the conventional descriptive parameters, investigating the possibilities of the portfolio form.

Inside Atlas, Clio's work emerges through the interweaving of theories and anecdotes. Narratives are woven following the need not to separate the explanation of the research from the research itself, while the process of communication and promotion of artistic practice become a work material influenced by the flux of the experience.

With the purchase of ATLAS Collector's edition, a unique edition, with unpublished contents, you will support the production of the limited edition ATLAS 2007-2016, published by Boite Editions in collaboration with Frequente.

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