BOOK is a book drawing by numbers BOOK is a book drawing by numbers


BOOK is a book drawing by numbers

Lendroit Éditions, Rennes — 2008
SFr. 38.00
Pages: 274
Edition: 500
Dimensions: 28 x 21.5 cm
Language: French, English
ISBN: 978-2-917427-04-0

80 international artists.

On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, the Lendroit éditions puts forward Book, an exhibition, a book. Committed over the past 5 years to promoting and disseminating artist’s books, Lendroit éditions suggests an editorial project paying tribute to the use of books as an artistic medium. We wish that this project reveal (subjunctive) the artist’s book as a full medium for experimentation and artistic achievement. Book is a Book Drawing by Numbers is the 2008 winner of the most beautiful French books contest.

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