Derek Jarman's Garden & Dungeness

David Rhys Jones

Derek Jarman's Garden & Dungeness

Self-published — 2008
SFr. 120.00 SFr. 160.00
Pages: pop-up book
Edition: 50
Dimensions: 11.5 x 13
Language: English

This work was inspired by a journey around Jarman’s garden at Prospect Cottage in Dungeness and the surrounding area.‘Paradise haunts gardens’, writes Jarman ‘and it haunts mine’.

Derek Jarman (1942-1994) was famous as a film- maker, artist, stage designer, and writer. He is also remembered for his shingle cottage-garden, created in the latter years of his life, in the shadow of the Dungeness power station.

The house was built in tarred timber. Raised wooden text on the side of the cottage is the first stanza and the last five lines of the last stanza of John Donne's poem, ‘The Sun Rising’.

In my response to Jarman’s garden and the surrounding area I have attempted to make work with a ‘filmic’ quality that references Jarman’s work and provides a narrative of my own journey.

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