E-Book E-Book

Joachim Schmid


Self-published — 2016
SFr. 30.00
Pages: 200
Dimensions: 21 x 14.6 cm
Language: no text

E is the most commonly used letter in many languages including Dutch, English, French, and German. Writing a few sentences without an E is difficult, and writing an entire book without one single E seems impossible. With La Disparition, Georges Perec did exactly that. E-Book is its counterpart with E being the only letter that shows up on its pages. The book’s layout is based on a letter written to Elisabeth Tonnard. The words of the letter remain invisible but every E is included in the form of a photograph.
The various Ees were photographed between January and October 2015 in Amsterdam, Berlin, Weimar, Florence, Venice, Leerdam, Middelburg, New York, Ravenna, Hertogenbosch and Rotterdam.

Schmid began his career as a freelance critic and the publisher of Fotokritik, an iconoclastic and original contribution to West German photography. In the pages of Fotokritik and in his regular articles and lectures for other venues, Schmid argued articulately and at times vehemently against prevailing, predominantly conservative notions of 'art photography' and in favour of a broad, encompassing critique of photography as a form of cultural practice.

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