Faces Faces Faces

Wim Starkenburg


PrintAboutMe, Turin — 2013
SFr. 45.00
Pages: 22
Edition: 250
Dimensions: 22 x 22 cm
Language: no text

Faces is the summa of Wim Starkenburg’s (Gieterveen 1947. Lives and works in Hoorn) work. Over the last 35
year he has been carrying on a double artistic life: as assistant and executor of Sol LeWitt’s works and, in his studio, as artist with his own practice.
This book gathers togheter his work in dialogue with LeWitt’s conceptualism.
FACES is a book of simple shades, that focuses on how human beings perceive their environment and, due to the complicated process of perception, they draw a conclusions about the place they are in.
His works were exhibited in many shows in museums and galleries in Holland, France, Italy, Germany and Unites

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