Food Food Food Food

Henk Wildschut


Post Editions, Rotterdam — 2013
SFr. 38.00
Pages: 144
Edition: First edition
Dimensions: 28 x 24 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 9789460830747


"Two years ago, when I was asked to make an in-depth study of the subject of Food for de RijksMuseum in Amsterdam.  I was full of preconceptions about the food industry. I saw it as dishonest, unhealthy and unethical. More than that, it was contributing to the decline of our planet, unlike in the good old days, and I felt that the magic word ‘organic’ was going to solve everything. So when I embarked on this project, my first impulsive reaction was to bring to light all the misunderstandings about food once and for all.

After two years of research and photography I realized that the discourse on food production can be infinitely refined and that this often puts supposed advantages and disadvantages in a new light. Scaling-up can actually enhance animal welfare, for example, and organic production is not always better for the environment. Often, an excessively one-sided approach to the subject of food is a barrier to real solutions. Food is simply too wide-ranging and complex a subject for one-liners or to be describing in terms of black and white."

The book is divided into six ominous sounding sections: Source, Protocol, System, Location, Product, and Hygiene, with each one supported by a selection of representative images from various different farms.

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