Fragile Beauty

Manuel Rivera, Antonia Stolz and Ioan Brumer

Fragile Beauty

Round-Not-Square, Berlin — 2014
SFr. 55.00
Pages: 1 rolled page
Edition: First edition of 500 copies, numbered
Dimensions: 20 x 1500 cm

This book is a beauty – from the outside as from the inside. But beauty is not forever, at least it seems, and before even knowing it we are confronted with the fragility this beauty bears.
Fragile Beauty is a new kind of book, a very special kind of book. Obviously, this starts with its unusual formate: on 14 metres the discussion unfolds. Without interruptions, limits and folds, texts and images are combined in a very new and intriguing way. While all parts of this book centre around the Fragile Beauty of our Earth, they all reminisce with the new perspective of the Anthropocene in mind. This relatively new notion of humankind being the single most important force within the system bears various implications that lead to very interesting shifts in the debate.
The editors of Fragile Beauty – Manuel Rivera, Antonia Stolz and Ioan Brumer – aimed to present a vast array of insights by thinkers of different fields. „Reflecting Earth in the Anthropocene“ is the subtitle of the publication. Authors in this scroll are researchers of the Potsdam Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, which was prominently involved in the making of this book, as well as theologists, journalists and cultural historians. The images in combination show the Earth from above as rarely seen before. As human impact on Earth is getting more and more intense and irreversible, this large distance pictures are leaving a creative impression of the Fragility and Beauty we are interfering with. This scroll takes the discussion up to you, and while reading this unusual beauty, it employs all your senses.

Wooden cover with inlayed magnets.

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