Gotthard Super Express Gotthard Super Express Gotthard Super Express

Laurence Bonvin, Matteo Terzaghi, Peter Weber

Gotthard Super Express

Humboldt Books, Milan — 2015
SFr. 8.00
Pages: 40
Edition: first edition
Dimensions: 21 x 16.5 cm
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788899385019

On the occasion of the Babel Festival of Literature and Translation of Bellinzona (11-14 September 2014), Humboldt Books presented Gotthard Super Express by Matteo Terzaghi and Peter Weber.

On the invitation of Babel, two very different writers first follow the diaphragm that divides Switzerland as we know it today from south to north and then from north to south, along the broad reach of its railways, its Alps and their verticality, and that of tomorrow, with its railways on the plains, along the Alps: the Alptransit.

The texts are accompanied by a photographic essay by Laurence Bonvin.

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