I cappotti / The Coats I cappotti / The Coats

Jannis Kounellis

I cappotti / The Coats

a+mbookstore edizioni, Milan — 2018
SFr. 58.00
Pages: 52
Edition: 400
Dimensions: 40 x 22 cm
Language: Italian, English
ISBN: 97888870711x

The book “The Coats” illustrates the twelve artworks made on paper by the master Jannis Kounellis in collaboration with the Fine Art Print workshop “Albicocco” of Udine.
The artworks realized with the carborundum technique are accompanied with the text of the Art critic Prof. Roberto Budassi accompanied by a testimony of the printer Gianluca Albicocco.
The edition, with its size and choice of paper, gives full emphasis to the 12 masterpieces of the master of “Arte Povera”, true protagonists of this book;
it wants to exalt the great technical / artistic quality inviting the viewers , to approach the original works.
No less important is the point of view of who saw these works born together with the artist.
The texts of the printmaker Gianluca Albicocco and of Roberto Budassi, give substantial testimony of what was the technical process in the realization of the works and of the emotional involvement during the working hours in the Kounellis studio.

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