Il franco cacciatore Il franco cacciatore Il franco cacciatore

Federico Cavallini

Il franco cacciatore

Kunstverein Publishing, Milano — 2015
SFr. 12.00
Pages: 200
Edition: 800 copies
Dimensions: 14 x 11.5 cm
Language: no text
ISBN: 9788890868139

Il Franco Cacciatore is an artist's book in which Federico Cavallini catalogs fallen leaves from a pear tree that begins to "collect" since 2003.

The title, in addition to referring to a collection of poems by Giorgio Caproni (in turn a quote the first German romantic opera by Carl Maria von Weber), alludes to the practice the artist executes during the leaf collection process, similar to a hunter.

The leaves are then used by Federico Cavallini to create a sculpture in constant transformation, given the continuous adding of foliage. The hundreds of leaves preserved and cataloged fill the pages of the book.

Il Franco Cacciatore is inevitably an anti-narrative book, where the temporal rhythm falls into a visual loop.

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