Iwao Yamawaki Iwao Yamawaki Iwao Yamawaki

Ingrid Sischy

Iwao Yamawaki

Steidl Edition 7L, Göttingen / Paris — 1999
SFr. 25.00 SFr. 40.00
Pages: 136
Edition: Damaged: dust cover ripped
Dimensions: 34 x 32 cm
Language: English, French, German
ISBN: 9783882436425

A student of architecture in Japan, Iwao Yamawaki (1918-1987) moved to Germany in 1930 and entered the Bauhaus in Dessau.

He later returned to Japan and architecture, but his photographs - of buildings, furniture, simple objects and people - in the words of Ingrid Sischy, 'epitomize what the Bauhaus was all about'. Sixty- three photographs are reproduced here along with a brief introduction and biography.

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