Landscapes Landscapes Landscapes Landscapes Landscapes

Marina Gadonneix


RVB Books, Paris — 2011
SFr. 55.00 SFr. 65.00
Pages: 88 + 1 audio CD (voice by Marcelline Delbecq, music by Benoît Delbecq)
Edition: 500
Dimensions: 26 x 32 cm
Language: English, French
ISBN: 9791090306059

Landscapes presents a previously unpublished series by Marina Gadonneix who, over years of research, has brought together a collection of singular images: blue or green overlays, used as neutral backgrounds for special effects in cinema and on television. Images between abstraction and figuration, place and non-place, fullness and emptiness, these landscapes, once subtracted from their matrix, may only be considered as images in their abstract representation.
And these are indeed landscapes in the accompanying fiction, “Blackout,” a text written for the series of images by Marcelline Delbecq. Between fiction and reality, real landscapes and mental landscapes, vision and drifting, the text, in its written form as well as in its form as a soundscript, may either add to or take away from the images, whose visual impact appeals to what’s happening off screen as well as to what is beyond consciousness.

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