Maureen Gallace

Luisa Lambri

Maureen Gallace

Fondazione Rolla, Bruzella — 2016
SFr. 10.00
Pages: 48
Edition: Exhibition catalogue
Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm
Language: English, Italian

Luisa Lambri - Maureen Gallace is the twelfth exhibition held in the ex-kindergarten of Bruzella, home of the Rolla Foundation.
The photographs, paintings and drawing are from the private collection of Rosella and Philip Rolla who on this occasion are exhibiting four photographs by Luisa Lambri, and four paintings and a drawing by Maureen Gallace.

Luisa Lambri - photographer - and Maureen Gallace - painter -, both prominent international figures in their respective fields, both having a new and distinctive approach to visual art, are presented together for the first time.

Philip Rolla: “When Luisa saw the Maureen Gallace paintings in our home she remarked that Gallace was one of her favorite artists. The thought came to me that a space with Luisa Lambri photographs and Maureen Gallace paintings in it, and nothing else, would be a paradise.”

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