Neutro - Sophie Westerlind Neutro - Sophie Westerlind

Sophie Westerlind

Neutro - Sophie Westerlind

Neutro, Reggio Emilia — 2022
SFr. 30.00
Pages: 12
Edition: First edition
Dimensions: 22 x 30
Language: Italian

"Ingrid and Siv have fragile but also strong bodies, sometimes their movements are elegant and refined, but other times clumsy and almost grotesque. Moving between the bed and the armchair is complex, putting on pants requires effort, fastening the bra requires concentration." Sophie Westerlind for NEUTRO tells through the drawing the memories that bind her to the two grandmothers and the moments she shared with them during her last visits to Sweden. The artist has created six compositions creating a light texture that seeks a chromatic balance through combinations of many small signs. The drawing for Sophie Westerlind is a personal and intimate activity, the same look that is proposed in the publication made in 100 copies and accompanied by the text of the English photographer Isabelle Young. 

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