nodes 3/4

Numero Cromatico, Centro Autonomo di Ricerca, Roma — 2014
SFr. 20.00
Pages: 150
Edition: not available
Dimensions: 26 x 20.5 cm
Language: Italian, English

GAGLIARDI D. M., Estetica Dell’avanguardia. Tra Non-Arte, Postmoderno e Progresso Scientifico.
NATOLI J. (INTERVISTA DI), Cesare Pietroiusti: Pensieri Non Funzionali.
WENDT B., Il Fascino Dei Selfie.
NATOLI J., Estetica Della Negazione: Definizione E Metodo Di Ricerca.
KLEIN J., Che Cos’è La Ricerca Artistica.
LOMBARDO S., Creatività, Arte E Sogno.
MALEVIČ K. S., Cubismo E Dal Futurismo Al Suprematismo. Il Nuovo Realismo Pittorico.
NATOLI J., Impasse Semiotica: La Questione Cinematografica.
FOCARETA M., Il Futuro Della Poesia: Dall’anima Al Cervello.
GUATTARI F., Verso Un’era Post-Mediatica.
GAGLIARDI D. M., Arte: Metodo E Ricerca. Alcune Considerazioni.

nodes is a semestral magazine inquiring about contemporaneity with a scientific-cultural approach. It has been conceived as a receptacle for analyses, cutting edge projects and considerations on contemporary culture, thus providing a space for debate amongst the most esthetically advanced theories. In a moment of crisis such as the one we are experiencing, we find ourselves facing the fall of the whole cultural model, and not only that of the economical model. Rising from this emergency, Nodes presents its proposal of enhancing interdisciplinarity, creating relations amongst fields that seem to be far away and different from each other, but that are to become absolutely inseparable. Our is the effort to find the most relevant and pragmatical junctions of contemporaneity, connecting the propulsive energy of young approaches with the work and the projects of the major actors playing on the stage of international culture and science. nodes collects empirical evidence, experimentation and observations on reality. It presents hypotheses and theories, putting them through discussion, in order to test their effectiveness and their effects. nodes is a publication of Numero Cromatico, Independent Research Center, a group of scholars with different backgrounds, covering a wide range of fields, from graphic art to neuroscience. Together, they question the possibility of future changes, experimenting on ridges from which it is possible to imagine scenarios of transformation. Numero Cromatico produces art works, research proposals, workshops, lectures, exhibitions.

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