Lars Mextorf, Martin Roman Deppner, Stefanie Heraeus

OUT OF THE CAMERA: Analog Photography in the Digital Age

Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg — 2006
SFr. 18.00
Pages: 72
Edition: not available
Dimensions: 20 x 24 cm
Language: German/English
ISBN: 9783939583097

With the emergence of the first digital technologies in the 1980s, concepts like stocktaking, objectivity, neutrality, evidence and authenticity, which since the invention of photography have been associated with this medium, have now forfeited their validity. The photographic image no longer serves to provide authentication. Images can manipulated to represent anything we like. In this retrospective look at the field, the epochal crisis of analog photography that was set off by the digital revolution proves to be by all means productive, however. With its disavowal once and for all of a system of order rooted in unequivocal categories, the medium of photography is now being re-examined by artists who still work with analog technology.
This exhibition and catalogue are the products of a cooperative project with the Center for Research on Photography and Media in the Design Department at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld.

Authors: Lars Mextorf, Martin Roman Deppner, Stefanie Heraeus
Artists: Dunja Evers, Miklos Gaál, Oliver Boberg, Stefanie Schneider, Vera Lutter, Walter Niedermayr, Wolfgang Plöger

ISBN 978-3-939583-09-7

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