Benjamin Katz


Wienand Verlag, Köln — 2010
SFr. 28.00
Pages: 160
Edition: open
Dimensions: 24 x 17 cm
Language: German
ISBN: 9783868320411

Benjamin Katz (b. 1939) has lived in Cologne since 1972 and has been active as an essayist and chronicler of the west German art scene for decades. His photographs are always an expression of profound affection for the artists who sit to him. He takes them without much preparation and without the use of flash on a Leica he always carries around with him. All in all his works radiate a mixture, typical of him, of elegance, melancholy, romance and humour. Alongside an abundance of artist portraits, this volume contains lesser known still-life and landscapes taken by Benjamin Katz the flaneur on his travels and at many other stages of his life.

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