Robert Frank. The Complete Film Works Vol. 2

Robert Frank

Robert Frank. The Complete Film Works Vol. 2

Steidl, Göttingen — 2008
SFr. 65.00 SFr. 80.00
Pages: 3 DVDs
Edition: first
Dimensions: 19 x 13.5 x 3.7 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-86521-525-3

OK End Here is Frank's 1963 short film about inertia in a modern relationship. The film alternates between semi-documentary scenes and shots composed with rigid formality, and and appears to have been directly influenced by the French Nouvelle Vague and Michelangelo Antonioni's films. The characters are often only partially visible or physically separated by walls, doors, refelctions, or furniture, and the camera relays the story with litlle rhyme nor reason, a roaming gaze, which seems to lose itself in things of little importance, while at the same time capturing the dominant atmosphere of routine, alienation, and apathy.

Conversations in Vermont was produced in 1969, and was Frank's first autobiographical film, addressing his relationship with his two teenaged children, and partly told through his narration over filmed images of his photographs, family photographs and world famous images.

Liferaft Earth begins with a newspaper report from Hayward, California: "Sandwiched between a restaurant and supermarket, 100 anti-population protesters spent their second starving day in a plastic enclosure...The so-called Hunger Show, a week-long starve-in aimed at dramatizing man's future in an overpopulated, underfed world ." This film accompanies the people on this "life raft" from 11 to 18 October 1969, and was made by Robert Frank for Stewart Brand, the visionary founder of the international ecological movement and publisher of the bestselling Whole Earth Catalog(1968-85).

Three DVDs in film-roll box housed in a slipcase

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