Supertele/Supervaso Supertele/Supervaso Supertele/Supervaso

Libri Tasso


Libri Tasso, Bologna — 2019
SFr. 130.00
Pages: 5
Edition: 2/13 white ball edition
Dimensions: 20 x 30 cm
Language: italian

Libri Tasso is an editorial project by Giuseppe De Mattia, Carlo Favero and Eleonora Ondolati.
Born in 2015 as a self-publishing project by Giuseppe De Mattia, it then opens up to other authors, curating and designing limited edition artists' books.


Edition made in 2019, in a run of 26 copies (13 for each color of the ball, or red and white). Each edition in 20x30 cm format contains 4 or 5 sheets depending on the version and tells the story of the transformation of the plastic ball "Super Tele" in a vase.

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