Three Hundred Sixty Three Hundred Sixty

Ignacio Uriarte

Three Hundred Sixty

Automatic Books, Venice — 2012
SFr. 30.00 SFr. 40.00
Pages: 98
Edition: 100
Dimensions: 29 x 29 cm
Language: English

Artist’s book by Ignacio Uriarte. Three Hundred Sixty is a collection of 49 drawings of the size of an LP vinyl record sleeve, where an inner and outer square perform a 180 degree clockwise spin each, adding up to 360 degree. The filling is made monochromatically with a document proof blue pen, placing this way the work in the context of office work.

Three Hundred and Sixty is the result of Ignacio Uriarte’s personal reflection on the everyday office routine combined with clear references to the conceptual and minimal art practices from the late 60’s and 70’s.

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