Alessandra Spranzi

Uova, posate e altri oggetti / Eggs, cutlery and other objects

a+mbookstore edizioni, Milan — 2018
SFr. 22.00
Pages: 34
Edition: First edition
Dimensions: 24 x 16,5 cm
Language: Italian, English
ISBN: 978-8887071801

The 42 photographs of eggs, cutlery and other objects, collected in 7 tables, are Polaroids taken in recent years on objects that I find at home or that I collect on the street. They appear on the table, then go back to being what they were.
The short texts are fragments of popular books, residues of pages cut to compose other texts.
Alessandra Spranzi works by photographing, refracting, collecting, cutting, indicating, deleting. It intervenes when images and things move away from their use and become, so to speak, unaware of themselves, their possibilities and their beauty.

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