Fuoriregistro #3 - Mercato Nero Fuoriregistro #3 - Mercato Nero


Fuoriregistro #3 - Mercato Nero

Boîte Editions, Lissone — 2023
SFr. 16.00
Pages: 96
Edition: First issue
Dimensions: 21 x 15 cm
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9788894703832

fuoriregistro was born out of an initiative of a group of women (Federica Cimatti, Paola Gaggiotti, Donata Lazzarini, Erika Martinazzoli, Chiara Pergola, Maria Rosa Sossai) devoted to different fields of artistic research. They share visions, experiences and careers, beyond hierarchical logics. fuoriregistro is a place of thought and comparison too, capable of combining dissident voices with the most authoritative ones in the art system. An essential tool for anyone interested in those complex and sometimes murky dynamics that rule the system. 

Each number deals with a different thematic-theoretical core, which stems from actual experiences and occasions and is developed through detailed studies, essays, both Italian and international collaborations. 

Third number’s topic is the Mercato Nero (Black Market), namely, how to survive art system’s contradictions.

Starting from the analysis of the economic exploitation and the types of powers that rules relations within the art circuit, Mercato Nero opposes–with irony and critical thinking–the cultural conformity that influences the artistic research and hinders the pedagogy of desire. Through conversations, reflections, testimonies, rebuses and images, the magazine reaffirms the belief that art can play an important role against the precarization of intellectual work, fighting the idea that economic profit is the only future. If society could take over art signs and was able to sense the essential value to life–instead of considering them an elite expression–may art be a way to touch people’s mind and body, and no longer based on exclusion dynamics.

A flyer titled Spesa difesa (Shopping defence) is included upon the magazine. Conceived by Paola Gaggiotti and the artist Angelo Leonardo, the flyer graphically reminds of the market ones and represents works of art with their economic value. It is the paper version of a collective work, Mercato Nero by Paola Gaggiotti, to which many have participated: Rebecca Agnes, Sonia Arienta, Lorenza Boisi, Gloria Capoani, Annalisa Cattani, Roberta Colombo, Ermanno Cristini, Elena El Asmar, Serena Fineschi, Stefania Galegati, Donata Lazzarini, Angelo Leonardo, Miltos Manetas, Silvia Mantellini, Faieta, Valeria Manzi, Erika Martinazzoli, Concetta Modica, Giancarlo Norese, Chiara Pergola, Pamela Rotondi, Marcella Vanzo.

Contributions to fuorigegistro#3: Giulio Alvigini, Maria Pia Bevilacqua, Matteo Binci, Isabella Bordoni, Marcella Campagnano, Daniela Comani, Sara Maria D’Onofrio, Filippo Falaguasta, Marcello Faletra, Aida Faso, Stefania Galegati, Paola Gaggiotti, Donata Lazzarini, Angelo Leonardo, Loredana Longo, Manastabal, Francesca Marconi, Concetta Modica, Cristina Muccioli, Giancarlo Norese, Marco Passaro, Chiara Pergola, Ivana Spinelli, Maria Rosa Sossai, Ladan Tofighi.

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