Display: Tonatiuh Ambrosetti, "Gaia 2003 - 2018"

Display: Tonatiuh Ambrosetti, "Gaia 2003 - 2018"

19 November 2020 - 15 January 2021

From November 19th, the new display at Spazio Choisi 02 is dedicated to  the photo-book Gaia 2003 - 2018, by Tonatiuh Ambrosetti, published by Artphilein Editions.

The project investigates the conflict and the negotiation between humankind and nature. The artist's personal story - like in a diary - is juxtaposed with the images of the landscapes in which he grew up or in which he ventured in search of the power of nature.

"When I was still at school I titled my diploma work Nature does not exist and I soon clashed with the fact that human influence had already acted in every corner of the planet, even in those distant places where life is deemed particularly difficult, barely impossible."

Display: Andrea Tonellotto "Just a Perfect Day"

Display: Andrea Tonellotto "Just a Perfect Day"

24 September - 15 November 2020

Thursday September 24th, Spazio Choisi 02 inaugurates a new display dedicated to Andrea Tonellotto's photo book, Just a Perfect Day, co-edited by Artphilein Editions and Heillandi Gallery, Lugano.
Just A Perfect Day is a photo book and also the dream of a perfect day.
Andrea Tonellotto's Polaroids photos bring together geometries, lines, materiality, and colour.
There are several references to literature, music, Metaphysical and Surrealist painting: 
a manifesto for our times, created with the caricatural graphic expression of the previous century.
(From Giuseppe Violetta's preface)

Display: Marco D'Anna "One Belt One Road"

Display: Marco D'Anna "One Belt One Road"

6 May - 13 September 2020

Spazio Choisi 02
is pleased to announce the opening of the new exhibition One Belt One Road by Marco D’Anna. The photographer presents his latest book, published by Artphilein Editions, in an installation designed specifically for the space, with photographs and special editions.

One Belt One Road reflects on a new Silk Route, investigated through a series of photographs of ‘landscapes’ of containers and an apparatus of texts about international shipping routes.

The project started off in a key moment of Marco D’Anna’s life, as he writes in the book:
years ago, during one of my journeys, I was on an Italian warship heading for the Gulf of Aden in Somalia, via the Suez Canal. We arrived by night at the anchorage, which is like a large parking lot where ships stop, form convoys and then cross the strait. We cast anchor too, and the following morning, just as dawn was breaking, I remember a sight: I saw cargo ships appear of a size I had never seen before in my life. They looked like spaceships coming out of the night – they were huge, one a scale I had never even seen in the Mediterranean. An apparition. It was like reading an Asimov novel or watching Star Wars: they were enormous, looming out of the semidarkness, and initially I couldn’t understand exactly what they were.

Leaf through the book:

Display: Bruno Cattani "Eros"

Display: Bruno Cattani "Eros"

Nel nuovo Spazio Choisi #2 si terrà la presentazione del libro fotografico EROS di Bruno Cattani, pubblicato da Artphilein Editions, accompagnata da una selezione di immagini dell'omonima serie (courtesy Heillandi Gallery).

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