Mónos Mónos Mónos Mónos Mónos

Vincenzo Pagliuca


Hartmann Books, Stuttgart — 2022
SFr. 30.00
Pages: 64
Edition: First edition
Dimensions: 22 × 26 cm
Language: English, Italian
ISBN: 978-3-96070-094-4

“Vincenzo Pagliuca developed his project sifting through the entire Italian Southern Apennines, from Lazio to the Aspromonte. He searched for precise light conditions, photographing during the winter months and at sunrise. 

The framing is reduced to its essentials; at the centre, solitary houses immersed in the natural environment, acting as metaphysical pulls. These houses at the margins, often built with no ambition, with the exception of being present or occupying the space of nature at the edges, accidental architecture, where the photographic act inscribes relations, dimensions, balance.
Sculptures of the common man collect signs and geometries, open up to subjectivity and mental amplification, a panoramic condition which reflects an inner topographical landscape. Cement dialogues with the earth, bricks and metal sheets interact with the trees and grass, roof tiles and windows talk to the washed out skies, the geometry of the houses blends in with the natural lines, difficult to control. These houses, in the prolonged and dialectical gaze, one after the other, one with the other, constitute the place of dream and meditation, the set for a B-movie that kindles the possibility of understanding space and defining, thinking, exploring the complexity of humanity and of its appropriate territory”.

Giovanni Fiorentino

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