Stay Alone #1 Stay Alone #1 Stay Alone #1

Suguru Tyuzaki / Yukihito Kono

Stay Alone #1

Stay Alone, Tokyo — 2013
SFr. 10.00
Pages: 16
Edition: Limited edition of 500
Dimensions: 55 x 81.2 cm
Language: English

`STAY ALONE'' is a completely new tabloid magazine in which each issue is created by two writers working together, without the involvement of an editor or director, and then the writers in charge are replaced like a daisy chain.

Suguru RYUZAKI, a Tokyo-based photographer, and Yukihito Kono, a promising photographer based in Kanazawa, suddenly took their own lives while attracting worldwide attention. A split tabloid by Ren Hang, a photographer from Beijing that has gone extinct.d.

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