Distratti dal buio Distratti dal buio Distratti dal buio Distratti dal buio

Matteo Nasini

Distratti dal buio

Yard Press, Roma — 2015
SFr. 16.00
Pages: 352
Edition: 350
Dimensions: 17 x 12 cm
Language: Italian

Distratti dal buio by Matteo Nasini is first of all a stories assembly, and in this 352 pages journey we can find two different parallel lines of narration: the life as a daily source of visual energy and the dream as the exploratory part. The book contains five visual stories narrated by pictures, texts, draws and frames, and through the pages Nasini gives us back a sci-fi emotional world where the darkness is never an end, rather is a change and translation circumstance, we’re at the mercy of events, but also of our personal urgencies.

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