Now and Then Now and Then Now and Then Now and Then

Chris Wong

Now and Then

Self-published — 2019
SFr. 45.00
Pages: 56
Edition: 400
Dimensions: 26 x 21.5 cm
Language: English, Chinese
ISBN: 9789887960300

A historic building is a legend of one’s own time. A trace of it is left and gets exposed on an instant photo. Each frame is a monument to be discovered and preserved. A photo in hand is a ticket to ride on a time machine. Travelling between different points along the timeline, we re-witness moments in history. When the past and present are juxtaposed, humans cannot help but respond with contemplations and a sense of nostalgia.

Now and Then is a personal documentary on occidental colonial-style buildings in Hong Kong. Each place, may it be a barracks, a court house or a church, exudes its own lasting charm. What if we slow down and listen to the stories of these timeless aesthetics.

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