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Nicolai Howalt


Fabrik Books, Copenaghen — 2001
SFr. 60.00
Pages: 86
Edition: First edition
Dimensions: 24,5 x 31 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 87-00-49123-2

The book 3×1 by Nicolai Howalt started as a chance meeting at a bar and led to a beautiful documentation about the life of family in Aarhus in the late 90’s.

In this elaborate family portrait, Nicolai Howalt explores the private sphere of one family over the course of one year. The work becomes a photographic investigation of the fragility and intimacy in everyday life in a Danish suburb. Howalt follows a family in disunity and the daughter’s passage from child to adolescent. The work conveys a sense of poetry in the mundanity of everyday life.

3×1 by Nicolai Howalt was the artists first publication.

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