Alda - Spaziergang #201902 Alda - Spaziergang #201902 Alda - Spaziergang #201902 Alda - Spaziergang #201902

Luca Nizzoli Toetti

Alda - Spaziergang #201902

Self-published — 2019
SFr. 12.00
Pages: 28
Edition: 200 numbered copies
Dimensions: 21 x 15 cm
Language: Italian, English
ISBN: 9786009885671

I would like to ask you,
to grant me at least one wish,
leave, go far away,
forget me...

May 27th 2008, Alda Merini recited this poem while I was photographing her in her apartment on Naviglio Grande in Milan. She agreed to pose for me only after I gave her two lighters which I bought subsequently she kicked me out the fist time for being a non-smoker and so with no "fire".
The meeting with Alda Merini was one of the most charming that my work has ever reserved for me.

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