Anneè Olofsson


Fine Arts Unternehmen AG, Zug — 2004
SFr. 40.00 SFr. 58.00
Pages: 200
Edition: open
Dimensions: 27 x 24 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 9783037200049

From the darkness of an entirely black book, from the chaos of free associations – where Anneè Olofsson finds inspiration for her artwork – images are placed without clear meaning or chronological sequence. Photographs, stills from video, annotations by the artist, preparatory drawings, and text handwritten by the curator of the “Book by”–who relives the intimate experience of the artist in first person– , follow a sequence demonstrating the transformation of how an idea pops in the mind of the artist and becomes an artwork. From the title, a split-personality is clear, the division between a family heritage and a more private identity: this is the only hidden law that guides the choice of all the book’s material. Beginning and ending with similar, yet inverted photographs, the book has at the center a printed lock of hair that marks the starting point of the two parallel stories.

Anneè Olofsson (Hässleholm – Sweden, 1966), photographer, video-maker, lives and works between Stockholm and New York. She has shown her work in museums and galleries in Sweden, Switzerland, USA (New York, Washington DC, San Francisco), Spain, Italy (Venice, Rome, Turin, Milan, Naples), Germany, Japan and New Zealand.

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