ARCHIVIO - The Crime and Power Issue


ARCHIVIO - The Crime and Power Issue

Promemoria, Turin — 2018
SFr. 18.00
Pages: 216
Edition: Numero 2
Dimensions: 31 x 23 cm
Language: Italian, English

ARCHIVIO is a biannual Italian magazine focused on archives and the edition is exclusively built with archive's documents. Each issue involves the most relelvant archives from all over the world with a high quality selection of pictures and exclusive contents.

THE CRIME AND POWER ISSUE includes: William Friedkin, Stasi Archive, La Notte, The Secret Life Of Elena Ferrari, Giorgio De Chirico On World War One, The Jonestown Massacre, Marco Malvaldi on suicide, Danse Macabre by Alberto Martini, Phone Taping Vertigo on Aldo Moro. Great thought by Elio Petri On Police Power, Cold Balkan Blood by Ana Blagojevic, Professor Andrea Pinotti on the shroud, Brad Feuerhelm on anxiety and photography, Howard Bingham: The Invisible Photographer and Michael Salu on private pictures from the first gulf war.

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