Avanzi Avanzi Avanzi Avanzi

Elena Mazzi


Boîte Editions, Lissone — 2018
SFr. 35.00
Pages: 1 poster, 2 booklets, 1 leporello, 9 tableaux

Edition: 200 hand numbered copies
Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 1 cm
Language: Italian
ISBN: 978-88-941797-6-7

Guilmi is a small village in Abruzzo inhabited by a few people who, despite many social and environmental changes, are literally rooted in their territory. Elena's stay in Guilmi was guided by the reading of Avanzi, a book by the anthropologist Giancristofaro that investigates what remains of the beliefs, legends and myths on which Abruzzo's popular culture is based.
The artist has reinterpreted this cultural heritage nourishing it with her own experience and with the precious relationships that she has created day by day with the inhabitants of the village. The results is an interweaving of lives and stories, places and fantasies captured in photographs and preserved in the echo of a voice from a speaker.

Avanzi is a project by Elena Mazzi produced by GuilmiArtProject as part of the homonymous residency program, curated by Lucia Giardino and Federico Bacci.

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