Andrea Witzmann

Bangkok I

Eikon, Wien — 2003
SFr. 450.00 SFr. 480.00
Pages: not available
Edition: 25 + III - numbered and signed
Dimensions: 47 x 60 cm
Language: not available

"In the embodiment of the living room, the family and social structures of eras reflect."
(Jean Baudrillard)

For centuries had every piece of furniture, every object of domestic life environment, its own history and symbolic dignity. Unrepeatable in the way of crafting and decorative design served every bed, every table, every dresser, closet each of the integration of human relationships. The aspect of practical usability appeared secondarily from the thought to the Representation of intra-family role models, authorities, traditions and memories. Today, in an age of increasing individualization, increasing mobility and fragile social structures displaces the practical combination furniture, the old sideboard. From the viewpoint of structural clarity and functional design, the post-modern furniture design is heavily influenced by innovative materials and industrial production methods. With the camera interprets Andrea joke man sober everyday aesthetics of contemporary home decor. Clean neutrality and anonymous seriality reflected in deserted white spaces. A simple white wash hand basin, hairdryer, a white, a white shelf, glass toothbrush tumbler and a transparent shower curtain featuring the unnamed location of a small windowless wet. Tables with white linen and uniform chairs with white plastic seat shells into grouped into the bald indifference of a white dining room, giving the impression of artificial production. There are familiar and yet colorless type a replaceable World trivial representation. Immersed in the all-illuminating monotony of a dazzling white unsettle the selected view in the habit of our visual experience.

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