BE-side(s) work BE-side(s) work BE-side(s) work BE-side(s) work BE-side(s) work

Em’kal Eyongakpa

BE-side(s) work

Boîte Editions, Lissone — 2014
SFr. 180.00
Pages: 112
Edition: 99 - LAST COPY!
Dimensions: 31 x 23 cm
Language: English

"A thought-provoking puzzle, covering parameters of rites, coded-languages, rituals and mundane routines–unified, these lingua francas of parallel veracities construct deeper notions and imagery that underlie and challenge concepts of imaginations, dialogism, meaning and reality. At the end of the day, all that’s left is to wander follow the traces, and loose track of time in this publication." (Amal Alhaag)

Em’kal Eyongakpa (Cameroon, 1981) approaches the experienced and the unknown through an almost ritual use of repetition and transformation. The quest for negotiation between/coexistence of the subjective and objective realm is increasingly central to Eyongakpa’s artistic practice.
The artist intuitively brings together basic analog mechanics, sculpture, video, sound, scribblings, text and photography in a fashion that not only obscures the boundaries between the employed media, but could also distort the notion of the real and illusion.

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