Botanical Thriller Botanical Thriller Botanical Thriller Botanical Thriller


Botanical Thriller

Cartacarbone — 2024
SFr. 45.00
Pages: 24
Edition: First edition
Dimensions: 33 x 47 cm
Language: -

In a contemporary dark forest, we conceived our personal tribute to the tradition of still life with a botanical theme.
Botanical Thriller is a photographic project that aims to emphasize the life drive and enigmatic essence of plant organisms, transforming the inert extras that serve as a backdrop for human activities into protagonists at the center of a dreamlike thriller.
Surprised by a light in the darkness, the plant world appears as a tangle of clues, signals, and indecipherable languages, evidence of intriguing and relentless activity. The cold light of a flashlight, a reporters flash, car headlights, or the glow of a streetlamp suddenly reveal colors and shapes hidden until a moment before.
We observe plants in their uncanny beauty through a gaze charged with tension and mystery.

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