Brutal East II Brutal East II Brutal East II Brutal East II Brutal East II Brutal East II Brutal East II

Zupagrafika (David Navarro & Martyna Sobecka)

Brutal East II

Zupagrafika, Poland — 2021
SFr. 26.00
Pages: 72
Edition: First edition

24 x 32 cm

Language: English
ISBN: 9788395057496

Streets in the sky, prefab panel housing estates, raw concrete flying saucers, corn cob-shaped tower blocks; these are some of the constructions that recast Eastern and Central European urban landscapes after WWII.  

This playful and engaging book allows readers to explore and learn about the brutalist and modernist architecture erected in the former Eastern Bloc and ex-Yugoslavia, and build some of their most intriguing edifices, from the massive housing estates in Moscow to the brutal skyline of Tbilisi.
Brutal East vol. II
 includes chapters with photographs and texts providing a valuable insight into the featured buildings and their history, as well as a foreword by Alexander Ostrogorsky. The book contains nine pre-cut and pre-folded models to press out and assemble with easy-to-follow instructions. This hardcover volume is the long-awaited follow-up to Zupagrafika's 2017 Brutal East.

Contains 9 press-out cardboard models to assemble:
Moscow > ‘The House on Chicken Legs’
Tbilisi > ‘Sky-Bridge’ Housing Estate 
Kyiv > Hotel Salute
Skopje > Studentski Dom ‘Goce Delčev’
Berlin > Haus der Statistik
Budapest > Havanna Housing Estate
Minsk > ‘Kukuruza’ Housing Complex
Dombay > Hotel Amanauz 
Buzludzha > The Monument House of the Bulgarian Communist Party

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