Candide No. 7

Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostfildern — 2013
SFr. 17.00 SFr. 20.00
Pages: 140
Edition: open
Dimensions: 24.20 x 17.30 cm
Language: German, English
ISBN: 9783775735445

Edited by Susanne Schindler, Andres Lepik, Anne Kochelkorn, Axel Sowa, Texts by André Bideau, Ignaz Ignaz Strebel / Jane M. Jacobs, Hélène Jannière, Patrick Schoeck, Essays by Bruno Anne Kochelkorn und Axel Sowa in conversation with Jörn Janssen , graphic design by Benjamin Critton

How is an architect’s knowledge generated, gathered, and passed on? Who are the people, institutions, and groups involved, and how do these participants go about their work? These questions are at the heart of the series of essays, Candide. Journal for Architectural Knowledge, which has been published biannually since 2009, describing and promoting a specific culture of knowledge about architecture. The five pieces of this edition “Turning Point 1973: Large-scale housing production and architectural knowledge” consider the implications of post-1968 societal change and the world economic crisis of the mid-1970s on the discipline. The end of broad, publically funded housing programs was critical in a shift toward the academic separation between architecture, urban planning, and the social sciences leading to a belief in the autonomy of architecture, a belief that continues to shape architecture pedagogy and practice today.

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