Even no. 3 Even no. 3


Even no. 3

Even Magazine, New York — 2016
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Pages: 176
Edition: Issue 3
Dimensions: 23 x 16.5 cm
Language: English

Our computers' artistic taste, Anri Sala's show at New Museum, re-opening the Louvre after the Paris attacks, Neïl Beloufa on world domination and in-flight entertainment systems, the future of Brooklyn and the dangers of sawdust, Chantal Akerman's rent-controlled Manhattan, the curatorial skills of Brazil's tax police, reviews from New York, Oslo, and Warsaw, a portfolio by Mathieu K. Abonnenc...

Even Magazine seeks to break the deadlock between academic obscurantism on one side, and top-ten lists and party coverage on the other. With a unique and legible voice, Even revives the tradition of criticism for the twenty-first century. Published three times a year, Even features long-form articles that range from monographic studies to broad critical analysis; distinctive reviews that take in multiple exhibitions at museums and galleries worldwide; and extensive interviews with artists and arts professionals.

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