Five Cases of Intrusion Five Cases of Intrusion

Diego Tonus

Five Cases of Intrusion

Archive Books, Berlin — 2014
SFr. 18.00
Pages: 144
Edition: open
Dimensions: 21 x 14 cm
Language: English, Italian
ISBN: 9783943620252

‘Five Cases of Intrusion’ is Diego Tonus’s first artist’s book, and is made up of
the transcriptions of secret recordings the artist carried out during public and
private meetings at presentations of his work. Designed to be considered part
of Tonus’s practice, the book presents fragments of these recordings –
drawing on discussions with interlocutors met in various cities over the past
five years – in which the artist describes the experiences that allowed him to
produce the selected works. The publication does not therefore focus on the
presentation of the works as a spectator would encounter them in an
exhibition space, but on processes underlying the creation of the works
themselves. Each chapter takes its title from the situations the artist
experienced, presenting himself not as an author but in other roles, looked
upon as intrusions in pre-existent contexts. Along with these texts, the book
presents previously unpublished images. Although not to be strictly
considered documentation, these images offer parallel notes and preparatory
sketches made during different works in progress, guiding readers in their
interpretation of the artist’s practice.

ISBN 978-3-936202-52-5

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