Flower Flower Flower Flower Flower Flower Flower Flower

Keita Noguchi


Neutral Colors, Japan — 2020
SFr. 42.00
Pages: 64
Edition: First edition
Dimensions: 29 × 21 cm
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese
ISBN: 978-4-909932-04-4

“Flower” is Japanese photographer Keita Noguchi’s photobook debut. Pursuing the concept of “unnoticed beauty”, Noguchi presents a series of frail, whimsical flowers that seem to float against a pastel sky or perhaps underwater. Sometimes photographed in clarity, other times blurred, Noguchi’s flowers create a unique, new sense of the world.

“The flower is a wonder.
How could it have such a beautiful colour and shape when it doesn’t have any eyes?
If its purpose was just for pollination, then was it really necessary to have so much diversity?
Observing flowers with this question in mind,
I realized that they are not really dressing up, but are life itself.
Since then, I don’t see a flower by its name or type
but as an existence that accepts its appearance and lives it.”
— from Keita Noguchi’s afterword

All texts included in Japanese and English and Chinese translation.

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