Franco Vimercati: Opere Franco Vimercati: Opere Franco Vimercati: Opere


Franco Vimercati: Opere

Sylph Editions, London — 2012
SFr. 65.00
Pages: 164
Edition: Italian edition
Dimensions: 32 x 27.2 cm
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9780957356207

The 2012 exhibition FRANCO VIMERCATI: TUTTE LE COSE EMERGONO DAL NULLA at Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, coincides with the publication of the first monograph dedicated to the photographic work of the great Milanese artist Franco Vimercati (1940 – 2001).
Extraordinary serial images, steeped in the disciplines of Conceptual Art and Minimalism, focus on common household objects. Playing on subtle differences, treated as musical variations, enabled Vimercati to reveal the essence of objects making them transcend their mundane qualities.
The book contains Vimercati’s most significant works and a lengthy and evocative interview with Elio Grazioli, approved by Vimercati himself. Additional contributions by Paolo Fossati, Luigi Ghirri, Angela Madesani, Giuseppe Panza di Biumo, Carlo Arturo Quintavalle and Daniela Palazzoli comment on Vimercati’s illustrious career.

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