Garage Garage Garage Garage

Jan Adriaans


FW:Photography, Amsterdam — 2010
SFr. 20.00 SFr. 25.00
Pages: 32 + DVD
Edition: open
Dimensions: 27 x 21 cm
Language: English
ISBN: 9789490119089

These days even black-a colour that has a history with Ford-has its own trendy name: Panther Black. Other colours in the company’s colour palette are Hypnotic Silver, Tango and Frozen White. How different things were at the beginning of the last century when the first of 15 million T-Fords rolled off the revolutionary production line in Detroit. Henry Ford reportedly said that his ‘Tin Lizzie’ would be delivered in any colour, as long as it was black. In truth, no one ever actually heard him say these words and between 1913 and 1926 Ford customers could choose between Brewster Green, Red, Blue and Grey. Indeed, during those early years there were no T-Fords delivered in the colour black. – Andrew Mason, 2010.

The publication ’Garage’ shows work of Jan Adriaans which he made out of the fascination for the relation between the car and the garage. The publication also contains a DVD with an original videowork of Adriaans. The publication is printed in 5 different coloured covers, each of these colours are a translation of iconic car colours: Morello by Citroen (2008), Britisch Racing Green by Jaguar (1974), Cumbria Beige by Fiat (2008), Deep Sea Blue by BMW (2009) and Panther Black by Ford (1997).

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