Greenfield. The Archive Greenfield. The Archive Greenfield. The Archive Greenfield. The Archive

Pablo Lerma

Greenfield. The Archive

Meteoro Editions — 2018
SFr. 40.00


Edition: First edition 

22 x 25 cm

Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9975038-6-9

[..] His story was vague, a series of disconnected links. He told us that he had purchased the collection of envelopes in Greenfield, Massachusetts. They were part of an old photo store. After the establishment closed, these negatives were left behind. Nobody picked them up; they were forgotten by their owners. My brain started inventing multiple, endless, and unfinished fictions as desirable explanations. [..]

Greenfield. The Archive is a fictional archive created from a found wooden box full of real negatives. By the action of indexing and conferring the found materials with an official structure, an archive, this project challenges the ideas of truth and fiction with the use of image and text.

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