La Terza Venezia - Special Edition La Terza Venezia - Special Edition

Silvia Camporesi

La Terza Venezia - Special Edition

Trolley Books, London — 2011
SFr. 250.00
Pages: 80
Edition: 61/100 signed
Dimensions: 22.8 x 24.7 cm
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9781907112362

To avoid stereotyped, run-of-the-mill results, Camporesi felt the need for a one-month full immersion in Venice during February, a time when there are no tou- rists, when the city comes back into the hands of the Venetians. A month marked by mist and silence, little evidence of the inhabitants of the alleys and tiny squares, while winter’s chills and dampness
accompany in a pungent embrace the hurried footsteps of passers-by along pathways whose outlines are clear for only a few metres prior to their merging with the canals in an indistinct blend of water and air that dissolves into an incipient attractive, albeit insidious, emptiness. In this suspended atmosphere which conveys Venice back to a timeless time, Camporesi has avoided both the time-worn recognisability of the ‘queen of the sea’, and the artistically dry photographs documenting objectively the architecture and the yet extraordinary repertoire of water-lapped stone- works and buildings. Her “third Venice” instead avoids these two alternatives and stands out as an original fruit of afflatus and imagination. “I set out from the real Venice”, she says, “to arrive at the l:5 miniature Venice located at Rimini by taking pictures of the city in perspective as if it were real, and then mixing the two views to excogita- te a fanciful third Venice, half true, half make-believe”.  (Bruno Corà) 

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