L'acrobata (lui -him) L'acrobata (lui -him) L'acrobata (lui -him)

Raffaele Cesano

L'acrobata (lui -him)

PrintAboutMe, Turin — 2017
SFr. 17.00
Pages: 1
Edition: first edition
Dimensions: 25 x 22 cm
Language: no text

 L’acrobata is a design piece that makes you smile, a character you can build, colour and make twirl, jump, and dance. L’acrobata is a he or a she. L’acrobata is whomever you want him/her to be.

After the success of Giracolore a new adventure in the world of design and toys awaits us. L’acrobata is one of Raffaele Cesano’s evergreen projects, a playful object, whose ancient soul is inspired by faraway cultures and times, built since the early 1980s. The collaboration with Print About Me is aimed at redesigning this product with the help of contemporary technology, materials and design inclinations. Laser cut, 3D design and open source sharing amongst the project’s hashtags (#). A sheet of vegetable cardboard 3 mm thick shows on its surface the carved signs of familiar elements, a balanced chaos, nesting-style, asking to be set up; this is L’acrobata, complete with arms, chest, head and legs. Only a few but delicate steps are required to give life to the athlete, whose countless mid-air manoeuvres will surprise and make you smile.

A project created by Raffaele Cesano and designed by Paolo Berra.

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