Les Absents Les Absents Les Absents

Bruno Fert

Les Absents

La Chambre Claire, Paris — 2014
SFr. 35.00
Pages: 58
Edition: 150 - SIGNED COPY!
Dimensions: 23 x 19.5 cm
Language: French
ISBN: 9782908408119

These photographs by Bruno Fert show the remains of Arab villages and cities which were de-populated during the first Arab-Israeli war. In 1948, the creation of the state of Israel triggered this conflict which caused the exodus of approximately 700,000 Palestinians to neighboring countries. Afterwards, the refugees were not allowed to return to their homes which were confiscated under the Israeli "Absentee Property Law". Today, the number of palestinian refugees and their descendants is estimated to be 5 million. Their claim to their right to return has always been a major point of contention between Palestinians and Israelis.
These images —a return to the roots of this conflict— are an exploration of the genesis of the Palestinian refugee problem.

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